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IXL's European curriculum

IXL's dynamic practice skills offer comprehensive coverage of the topics in a typical European curriculum. The skills are organised by grade level, making it easy to find the right skills to practise. IXL assesses your students' performance on each skill instantly, so you'll have all the information you need to assess their abilities.

Exclusive, real-time reporting

IXL members receive exclusive access to the IXL Analytics national curriculum centre. The national curriculum centre features reports that answer all the questions you have about your students' readiness for standardised tests, including:

  • How are my students progressing?
  • How are my students likely to perform on each learning objective?
  • Which objectives do my students need to review?
  • Which skills should my students practise to raise their test scores?
  • ...and much more!

To start tracking progress towards mastering your learning objectives, join IXL today! You'll get immediate access to IXL's dynamic practice skills and exclusive curriculum reports.

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